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Sep 1, 2018


CEO of Publica

Interview starts at 7:05 and ends at 42:10

“So a book token in our eReader app is going to be used as part of the cryptographic protection of the book to authorize you to read it by proving that you bought it. There’s another token that we made called the Pebble (PBL). It’s a ticker on exchanges,...

Aug 24, 2018


Editorial Director at Thomas & Mercer

Interview starts at 16:49 and ends at 43:56

“It’s interesting to think about readers around the world being able to find these books about a chemistry teacher turned homicide detective in Seattle, Washington. And I think that’s the global power of stories. Great stories...

Aug 18, 2018

Author of the Tracy Crosswhite and David Sloane mysteries

Interview starts at 1:30 and ends at 35:00

“I’d say the primary difference between Thomas & Mercer and my experience with Big 5 publishing is that Thomas & Mercer never stops selling my books. When I’m with a Big 5 publisher, my book would come out and...

Aug 11, 2018

Partnerships Manager for the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator

at Boston Children’s Hospital

Interview starts at 7:44 and ends at 28:24

“One of the barriers with voice in general is you don’t know what’s out there. You don’t really know like you do with a phone what app options you have, so it’s...

Aug 4, 2018


Jim Jones, right, Associate Professor of Management at University of Nebraska at Omaha

Interview starts at 9:03 and ends at 40:50

“In the classroom, I really do strongly feel that attention is so critical to actual understanding that the more that you can remove the electronic connection and the focus on inputting...