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Sep 27, 2008

Kindle News: Amazon passes a milestone with 180,000 titles available in the Kindle Store.

Tech Tip: A light for reading your Kindle in bed when your spouse is trying to sleep.

Interview: Jim Cheshire, author of Decoding the Kindle.

Kindle Quote: from Spirit House, a Vincent Calvino Novel by Christopher G. Moore.

Kindle Comments: audio from Bryan Person, comments on the show notes page from Greg Pyles and Paul. 

twelve and a half years ago

One thought I had while listening to Bryan comment on the cost of the Kindle - it\'s impossible to really understand the cost when you don\'t have one yet. I mean that right now, someone might be reading two or three books a month and think about the cost in light of that. When you buy the Kindle, you are able to read so much more - both books and all the other things you have featured such as .pdf files like Heather Hollick discussed - and you are able to fit reading into so many nooks and crannies of your time, that the price really becomes much more reasonable. Just my perspective after about six months of ownership. Keep up the great work Len!

Heather Hollick
twelve and a half years ago

My partner and I both live in North Carolina and are avid Kindle fans. We would be glad to drop in to see Jim\'s dad and give him a demo of the Kindle\'s wonders.

Also, just a response to Bryan\'s comment on the Kindle price. $359 does not just pay for the Kindle. It also includes lifetime access to the Amazon Whispernet, which is just Sprint\'s high speed EVDO data network. Access to this network is a big part of what makes the Kindle so amazing.

Offering a lifetime subscription up front, rather than a monthly service charge, is an unusual model for a cellar device but the Kindle is an unusual device and worth the price.