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Dec 5, 2008

News - Via Mike Elgan and , we learn that the famed Algonquin Hotel in New York City is loaning Kindles to guests.  Jan Zlendich of The Kindle Reader blog notes that 46 of the 50 titles on Bookmarks Magazine's list of the 50 best books of 2008 are available for the Kindle.

Tech Tip - Amazon Mobile on the iPhone/iPod Touch is pretty neat, but you can't use it yet to order a Kindle book.  For the adventurous - how to update your customized photo screensavers on the Kindle. (Thanks to MobileRead forum member Phuocle for the steps.)

Interview - Will DeLamater, creater of the EduKindle blog, has evidence that the Kindle is making inroads in schools.  Plus interesting educational developments for the Kindle in Utah and at the Harvard Medical School.

Quote - The beginning of The Dip by Seth Godin.  How to be a successful quitter.

Comments - Karen, Linda Hopkins, and Dan.

Upcoming interviews: Steve Shaw, creator of the Kindlelicious blog; Joshua Tallent of Kindle Formatting, and Capt. Crispin J. Burke, who is Kindling while on assignment in Iraq. 

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twelve and a half years ago

Len, there\'s an award for you at!

Jason Packham
twelve and a half years ago

Hi Len,
I\\\'ve just finished listening to all 20 of your podcasts in the past week. You do a great job and I love the variety and organization of your podcast.
I\\\'m a new Kindle owner (although I haven\\\'t opened it yet---I promised my wife I\\\'d wait until Christmas) and can\\\'t wait to start using it. So for now I\\\'m scouring the web for anything I can find Kindle-related and devouring and consuming everything I can find. So far, your podcast has been one of my favorite finds.

One question: in your closing tagline you say \\\"reminding you to \\\'Read Different\\\'\\\" Is this intended to be a playful misuse of an adverb, rather than saying \\\'Read Differently\\\' as it would be grammatically correct? Are you doing a takeoff on the Apple tag line \\\"Think Different?\\\"

Keep up the great work.