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Jan 10, 2009

News - Is the Kindle adding $9 billion to Amazon's market valuation?  I hope so!

Tech Tip - How to offer your blog to the Kindle Store for subscriptions. Thanks to Charles Hugh Smith , author of Weblogs & New Media: Marketing in Crisis, for the question.

Interview - Leslie Nicoll, an author of The Amazon Kindle FAQ and a leading light at the Kindle Boards forum, answers questions everyone has about the Kindle. She also owns an editorial services business, Maine Desk.

Quote - From Cash Magazine, a 2009 economic forecast from one of the rare analysts who foretold the crash.

Comments - Will DeLamater, Steven Schwindt, Mary, Karen, Rebecca, Bob Cope, Paul Higginbotham, Linda Hopkins, Joe D. Clark and a really great Tweet from Coleenis.

At the end of the show, I drew the name of a member of the Kindle Chronicles Email Alert List to win a $10 Amazon gift certificate. If you'd like to join the list, simply send me an email at .

To make an audio comment, please call 206-666-2713. 

Next week's guest will be podcasting pioneer Michael Geoghegan, who is a Kindle enthusiast and now a Kindle author, since the second edition of his excellent Podcast Solutions book is available in Kindle edition.

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Please put me on your mailing list.

I am one of those who bought the Kindle early and love, love, love it. It goes everywhere with me. I recently got an Iphone and find that my wish gadget is something that combines the Iphone and the Kindle. I have problems with my eyesight and have a great deal of trouble reading the Iphone because of the size and the glare, but love all the things it does. I never leave home without both and have turned around to go back if I forgot one or the other.

I love your podcast and now listen regularly on my Iphone while driving. Thanks for all the great work you do in this area and for going to the trouble to share it.

Like you, I can\\\'t wait for Kindle 2. My daughter gave me a gift certificate for Christmas to buy it. She has an ulterior motive because she wants my original.

Once again, thanks so much for sharing your work,
Billie Bogart

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over twelve years ago

Hi Len,
When I was listening to your podcast this morning, I was hoping the \\\"Pam\\\" that won the gift certificate was me, and it was! Thanks so much. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your next podcast. I especially enjoy the interviews and tech tips. I\\\'m learning a lot and enjoying my Kindle. Thanks again. Pam

Ashley Gil
over twelve years ago

Thanks you for the bookmarking for chapter location techtip from the january 2nd podcast. I am a college student and I found that it helped me shuffle through the college notes that I uploaded onto my kindle. Now I can quickly jump from one lecture topic/date to another with ease and also know how far I am from the next lecture as I review though my notes. Happy New Years!
(Aka Vegas_Asian of the Kindleboards)