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Aug 15, 2008

This week's "What's on Your Kindle?" Interview is with Bill Bulger, 74, a legendary Massachusetts politician from South Boston who served 17 years as president of the state Senate and 7 years as president of the University of Massachusetts.  We visited at his home, and afterward his wife, Mary, revealed exactly why she bought her husband a Kindle.  His book is not in Kindle version yet - click on the link to let his publisher know you'd like that changed!  

UPDATE: Two items on Bill Bulger's Kindle are Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Daniel G. Amen and Three-Ten to Yuma and Other Stories by Elmore Leonard.

Kindle News: The financial analyst heard round the Kindlesphere-reverberations from a Citi analyst's doubling of his earlier estimate of Kindle sales this year and NYT perspective here; Amazon adds a way to ping publishers who are not yet on the Kindle train (an item from Cush), and how 17 syllables might win you a Kindle.

Tech Tip: Do's and Don'ts with an SD card, including screenshot tip from Stephen WindwalkerMore on using FeedBooks for free RSS feeds.

Kindle Quote: from Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beacher Stowe

Kindle Comment: Cory in Fla

New contest: the first person whose audio comment I use on the next episode will receive a $10 gift certificate at the Amazon Store.  Phone in your coment to 206-666-2713 or attach an .mp3 file to email to I also welcome text comments here or at the email address.   Thanks for listening!

Special audio extra: Bill Bulger singing a solo with the Boston Symphony.

Len Edgerly
twelve and a half years ago

Thanks for the correction, Al! I\'ll include it in the next episode of the podcast.

almost thirteen years ago

Kindle spotted hidden in tv conmercial
By now I\'m sure most of you in the new York area have seen the verizon fios commercial in which the the fios serviceman meets the cable service in the hallkwsy of an apartment building and Dicuss their workload. The fios service checks his list on a high tech input device, WHICH IS ACTUALLY A KINDLE!

Steven Schwindt
almost thirteen years ago

I listen to your podcast at my home in Shanghai China. I am from Oregon, but live here now.

I got my Kindle as soon as Amazon annouced it. Not to be delivered overseas, I had my Kindle delivered to my father in Oregon. He then mailed it to me.

I have a bank account at Bank of America which I use to purchase materials and gifts from Amazon.

I cannot use Whispernet here, but the USB cord works fine with me. I get books within minutes this way.

I have over 60 books, magazines, blogs and newspapers on my Kindle.

I look forward to your podcast every week now. I usually listen to it twice to get everything out of it.

Like others I think you should shoot for an hour long podcast.

By the way, I really enjoyed your interview with Billy Bolger. I read the biography of him and his brother a few years ago.

Keep up the good work.

Steven Schwindt
Shanghai China

twelve and a half years ago

You mentioned in your podcast that the SD card must be empty and the Kindle must be turned off to insert it. I just plugged mine in after loading a bunch of files using my card reader. It loaded just fine. Your books have to be in the SD/documents folder.

almost thirteen years ago

For a man whose political life sounded like a combination of _All the King\'s Men_ and \"The Departed\", Bill Bulger was very charming, and most certainly reminded me of my mother when it comes to an innate fear of electronics. I can imagine his book is quite entertaining. I hope you do a follow-up with him in the future.

Once again, Len, another fine podcast.

Kesler Woodward
almost thirteen years ago

Got today\'s Kindle Chronicle by 5:30 a.m. Alaska time, so I was able to download it to my iPod and enjoy it during my morning workout. You\'re wearing down my resistance with each episode. I\'m thinking this may have to top my Christmas wish list. - Kes

almost thirteen years ago

Thank you for mentioning again Feedbooks. There\'s a new tutorial video available for the guide (books, not RSS) if you\'re interested:
Might be handy for the non-techie types out there !