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Jun 24, 2016

Co-Founder, Chairman and Executive Publisher of Open Road Integrated Media
Interview starts at 15:17 and ends at 44:11
I do not think that the world of print survived and now will thrive at the expense of eBooks. I think eBooks will coexist with print, which I think is the best of all possible worlds. And I think that at the right price the revenue that one can receive from eBooks will be pretty substantial.
“Smaller, lighter $80 Kindle unveiled with rounder edges—plus new Export Notes software update” by Len Edgerly at TeleRead - June 22, 2016
All-New Kindle in white or black with or without special offers (the link includes my Amazon Associates code and will provide a commission to support the podcast if you use it—thanks!)
“Apple E-book Refunds to Begin June 21” by Andrew Albanese at Publishers Weekly - June 20, 2016
“Himalayan delivery by bike for Amazon man” at Hemmel Today - June 17, 2016
Tech Tip
What’s Your Kindle Worth?
Interview with Jane Friedman
“Slavin Named CEO of Open Road; Friedman Becomes Chairman” by Jim Milliot at Publishers Weekly - May 31, 2016
Open Road press release announcing new CEO - May 31, 2016
Alan Sillitoe’s books at Open Road
Pearl Buck’s books at Open Road
Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead Goerge
Pat Conroy books at Open Road
Homeland on Prime Instant Video
The Affair (Showtime)
Open Road’s The Lineup site
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