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Mar 18, 2017

David Measer of RPA Advertising and Lisa Pecot-Hebert of USC

Interview starts at 25:08 and ends at 49:15

I expected the smaller cities in the U.S. to be places where eventually trends made their way there and that they’d be listening to music that I listened to 10 years ago, or wearing fashion that was old. And it wasn’t like that at all. These places, cities that I couldn’t even identify on a map before I went--Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Fargo, North Dakota; Moorehead, Minnesota; Omaha, Nebraska--were actually places that were thriving in their own way. They really had an identity of their own, and they felt like they were leading the charge. They weren’t drafting off of the big coastal cities. (David Measer)

Shorter Interviews at SXSW (with times at which they start)

Steph Hay, head of conversation design at Capital One. (5:32)

Scott Totman, head of mobile technology, payments and innovation at Capital One (10:40)

“The Urgency of Now: Launching the Biden Cancer Initiative” - Joe Biden’s talk at SXSW (13:03)

Omar Siddiqui, CEO of Kiwi Inc., creators of Sequel, a bot-creation platform. He was a presenter at “Best Bot Practices” session. (17:31)

Facebook Messenger

Romance Now, a bot available on Kik

Interview with David Measer and Lisa Pecot-Hebert

“One Hundred Million People You Don’t Know But Should” - event description at SXSW. Click here for my liveblog of the session. You will need to click again on the post headline to see the individual liveblog entries.

David Measer

Lisa Pecot-Hebert


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