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Mar 30, 2018

Co-founder and CEO of Goodreads

Interview starts at 14:30 and ends at 36:54

“People read along, and then--for as long as there’ve been books--after you’re done reading, you you go talk about the ideas, the stories, the concepts that you read about. That’s actually a good metaphor for Goodreads and Kindle. Kindle is where you read alone. Goodreads is where you go talk about what you read.”


“Trump hates Amazon, not Facebook” by Jonathan Swan at Axios - March 28, 2018

“The World’s Richest Man Just Lost $10.7 billion as Trump Tweets About Amazon” by Lucinda Shen at Fortune - March 29, 2018

“Here’s the controversial tax practice by Amazon that’s got Trump so upset” by Tae Kim at CNBC - March 29, 2018

“‘Their eyes are on D.C.’: Capital area said to have good shot at Amazon HQ2” by Robert McCartney at The Washington Post - January 20, 2018

“If Trump wants to take a shot at Amazon, there’s a potential billion-dollar deal staring him right in the face” by Allan Smith at Business Insider - March 29, 2018

Tech Tip

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Interview with Otis Chandler


Otis Chandler’s Kindle notes at highlights at Goodreads on Principles: On Life and Work by Ray Dalio

My Kindle notes and highlights at Goodreads on Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

“Your Goodreads Friends Are Now Just a Tap Away in Kindle for iPhone and iPad (U.S. Members)” by Jasmine at Goodreads blog - October 23, 2017


Shadow Shepherd (Sam Callahan Book 2) by Chad Zunker

Closer Than You Know by Brad Parks

Book People bookstore in Austin, Texas

Next Week’s Guest

Elizabeth George, author of The Punishment She Deserves

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